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As part of the fun of Chase premiere on the 20th, Kelli will be at the NBCU Experience Store on Sep. 20th from 9-10 AM.

GiddishFan   Sep 16, 2010

Thanks to the always amazing Tara for the heads up, Kelli is going to be on the Today Show promoting Chase on Sept 20th!

GiddishFan   Sep 13, 2010

NBC has a new video up with Kelli and the stunt coordinator talking about all the stunt working and Kelli kicking butt! How cool that their stunt coordinator is Chuck Norris’ son!

GiddishFan   Sep 10, 2010

Kelli made the list at # 20 for the Buddy tv “Sexy New women of TV this fall”

Women of TV this Fall

GiddishFan   Sep 8, 2010

Where it works: The series is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, and the pilot moves quickly and is all wrapped up with a big red bow at the end. I also like that the lead character is a woman who is confident enough to get respect at work but isn’t lacking a sensitivity chip.
Where it doesn’t: There’s just nothing in Chase that grabs the audience by the throat, which is actually what the intention of a series like this should be. The writing is subpar, the plot is mildly interesting but quickly forgettable afterward, and none of the characters stand out enough to make a mark.
Am I hooked? No, but I’m not entirely turned off either. I’ll give Bruckheimer’s magic a few episodes before I make a steadfast DVR decision.

Buzz Sugar Review

GiddishFan   Sep 8, 2010

The NY Daily News has a piece up about the new actress who are staring in action series this fall.

In the Sept. 20 premiere episode of “Chase,” Giddish’s Annie Frost, a U.S. marshal, jumps about 30 feet into a bone-chilling river in pursuit of a bad guy. When she bobs to the surface, she beats him in a fistfight while treading water, even though he’s about twice her size.

Giddish thinks that’s a pretty cool thing, and she relishes doing as much of the action as possible on her own.

“It’s a dream to be able to play a woman who embraces the physicality of doing this so well,” she says. “If you see me going down a river, it’s me, you know, not from the sky, some special effects they fill in later.”

Fall Female Action Stars

GiddishFan   Sep 6, 2010

NBC has released another new Chase Promo!

GiddishFan   Sep 3, 2010

The Wall Street Journal has a new look at the rise of television action stars and show with female leads, including Chase and Kelli.

To create a drama about U.S. Marshals, writer Jennifer Johnson says she thought about her 4-year-old daughter. Even though her daughter is too young to watch, she wanted to create role models for young women and decided to make the lead a Texas-based Marshal named Annie Frost. Played by petite blonde Kelli Giddish, Frost wears blue jeans and cowboy boots and takes down fugitives twice her size.

“She’s such a kick a— character,” Ms. Giddish said, on a break from shooting on location in Dallas in 100 degree heat. She had recently completed a stunt (with no double) that involved jumping onto the wing of a moving crop duster.

On TV, a girl’s best friend is her gun

GiddishFan   Sep 2, 2010