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The new Fancat column has a Kelli mention, thanks to the always smart Tara!

Did you see the ‘Chase‘ ad in the new Entertainment Weekly? It spelled Kelli Giddish’s name wrong. Who do we punish for this transgression? – Tara
I’m getting the name of someone in NBC marketing for ya, Tara. In the meantime, you get Kelli and her ‘Chase’ character’s ish-kickers at the ready. (After all, there’s a very good reason they call her “Boots” on the show.)

GiddishFan   Jun 29, 2010

So here we are and welcome to Kelli Giddish Online, the new fansite for actress Kelli Giddish. Known for roles on All My Children, Past Life and now Chase this fall, I’m really hoping to make this a place for all Kelli Fans.

Big thanks to Tara at the Giddish Guild for being the big Kelli fan out there and that amazing site, and giving the blessing for this one. I got to know Tara (and Kelli) during her time on All My Children and have always loved her work and respected her, and with Chase this fall I thought it was time for a site.

There’s a lot more I have to add, including Kelli’s Law and Order appearances and a TON of All My Children screencaps! Keep checking back as it comes together.

GiddishFan   Jun 18, 2010