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Giddish says the multitude of changes to the series on and off screen aided her introduction to the show. ”There was a lot of new people around,” she says. ”The whole show got a new treatment.” When Giddish won the role last year, she was in Los Angeles, working on a telemovie and living in a three-bedroom house on a one-acre block. So she upped her life (along with her dog Franny) and moved into a Manhattan apartment.
Giddish first encountered new show-runner Leight as a teenager at a playwright conference.
”I met him when I was 18 and kept up with his work since,” she says. ”I was also in Criminal Intent as a guest when he ran that show. He brings smart writing and he’s not afraid of changing something. He’s very malleable and into listening to the actors.”
Giddish is clearly no shrinking violet. Still, most of the cast have worked together for more than a decade, forming close bonds that are initially intimidating for an outsider.
”When I first got in, more than anything else, it was just a challenge,” she says. ”I like being the new kid on the block. I also had Danny as the other new guy. I knew they were looking at Christopher [Meloni] leaving and they wanted new people.” Meloni’s departure has been treated respectfully by the writers. ”I do like how Danny and I were introduced to the squad room and were made to earn our keep,” she says. ”They have not underestimated the audience. There’s an empty desk in the squad room where Stabler sat. He was on the show for over a decade.”

Giddish has frequently been partnered on-screen with the show’s most enigmatic star, the rapper Ice-T. And Ice Loves Coco, the reality show chronicling Ice and wife Coco’s bizarre life, is a talking point on-set.
”They’re together here a lot,” she says. ”Everything you see on their show in terms of how much they adore each other is true. Ice-T tells it straight.
”That’s a quality you rarely find in this business.”

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