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hotos of stars without makeup are a guilty pleasure for anyone who doesn’t have a beauty team. But every so often, an actress looks terrific naturally.

Kelli Giddish of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” airing Wednesdays on NBC, manages to look stunning with her blonde hair pulled back and no makeup.

She’s in her dressing room at the Chelsea Piers on Manhattan’s far west side. Here, at the well-oiled machine that is this show in its 13th season, Giddish plays Detective Amanda Rollins, a transplant from Georgia, which is what Giddish is, albeit with a few stops in between.

She’s lived in Texas, California, Georgia and New York. After “Past Life” and “Chase,” which didn’t make full seasons, she says it’s a relief to be on a show with a solid foundation. Still, dealing with people’s basest depravities, as each episode does, takes its toll.

“My dreams have become so screwed up,” Giddish tells Zap2it. “Once you are educated about these things going on … .” her voice trails off.

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GiddishFan   May 11, 2012